See New York’s Adorable Baby Pudu, The ‘World’s Smallest Deer Species’

New York has a new, very small, very adorable deer fawn. The Wildlife Conservation Society announced that on May 12 a male southern pudu fawn was born at the Queens Zoo.

The baby pudu looks something like a cross between a deer, a puppy, and a baby goat—a serious cuteness trifecta. According to the WCS, pudu, which are the “world’s smallest deer species,” are good “jumpers and sprinters” and “bark” in the face of a threat, but are also “shy” creatures. This baby pudu, who has yet to be named, was 6 inches tall and 6 inches long at birth.

If you are eager to see more pudu, the birth of this little guy means that there are now three pudu on exhibit at the zoo.