Men Who Share Selfies Online Show More Signs of Psychopathy, Study Says

Men Who Share Selfies Online Show More Signs of Psychopathy, Study Says

Men who post lots of selfies on social media networks are more likely to show signs of psychopathy, a personality disorder characterized by anti-social behavior, a new study says.

The research, which surveyed 800 men ages 18 to 40, also confirmed a common belief that men who share selfies online are more likely to be narcissistic, according to the study, published recently in Personality and Individual Differences. Narcissism and self-objectification were also linked to men who edit their selfies before posting them online.

“It’s not surprising that men who post a lot of selfies and spend more time editing them are more narcissistic, but this is the first time it has actually been confirmed in a study,” Jesse Fox, the study’s lead author and assistant professor at The Ohio State University, said in a statement. “The more interesting finding is that they also score higher on this other anti-social personality trait, psychopathy, and are more prone to self-objectification.”

Fox noted that the levels of psychopathy, self-objectification and narcissism — a set of personality traits known as the Dark Triad — were within average means. In fact, moderate amounts of these traits might not be such a bad thing: the study found that men who post selfies online may actually appear more attractive to others.